Why So Few Schools Have Air Conditioning Service in Toronto

History is repeating itself this back-to-school season as the lack of air conditioning service in Toronto-area schools is again causing anger, frustration and pain among students, teachers and parents.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is the largest board in Canada, comprising 533 elementary and high school facilities. However, a full 160 of these schools have no air conditioning at all, while another 219 have less than 50% AC coverage (which, according to this report, can mean as little as one room air conditioner).

The Toronto Catholic School Board is not in much better shape. Of its 202 schools, only 36 have central air.

Why do so few schools have air conditioning service in Toronto? The reason is twofold: the age of the facilities and their operating budgets.

The majority of TDSB schools were built over 50 years ago. Some are now over a hundred years old. Most predate the proliferation of central air conditioning, meaning they rely on hydronic heating in the winter and have no ductwork to accommodate central air in the summer.

Though it is possible to add ductwork to older buildings, it’s not cheap or easy. Even with the best HVAC installation service, retrofitting central air conditioning to heritage buildings can be costly. Ductless air conditioning systems like Spacepak are an option for smaller buildings, but not for huge school facilities.

But why weren’t these buildings equipped with some form of cooling in the first place? Why not room air conditioners, or passive cooling through smart construction choices?

The fact is extreme temperatures were not a concern back when these schools were built. By the time students returned to school in the fall, the summer highs were over for the most part. Air conditioning simply wasn’t necessary.

Today, the City of Toronto experiences about 20 days per year where the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celcius, and the stifling heat often drags late into September. An official city report on climate change estimates that number will be 45 days a year by 2050.

The fact that the school buildings are so old leads to the second reasons why air conditioning has been an oversight: budget.

These older school buildings carry massive repair backlogs that always, always take priority over air conditioning installation. The total cost of these necessary repairs exceeds $3.5 billion. The $100 million fund earmarked for school repairs by the previous Liberal government was cancelled by the Progressive Conservative government in July.

Some teachers have offered to shell out the funds for small room air conditioners themselves; however, the school board rejects those offers on the basis that it will consume too much electricity.

Despite these challenges, it’s clear the public wants its schools to have air conditioning. A poll commissioned by Global News found that 84 of people want Ontario schools to be air conditioned.

Pointless Wastes of Cash You Don’t Consider

If you need to meet your budgetary objectives and certain breakthroughs in life, you must be in the know on how you burn through cash. Burning through cash and acting economically could be the distinction between an easy retirement and working hard in later years. It takes just a few acts to be looted of your well-deserved cash. There are sure ways of managing money that could be squandering you a considerable measure of cash, but you don’t know about it. If you need to accomplish your budgetary freedom and be responsible for every dollar, here are some ways of managing your money.


  • Eating out

A significant number of us feel that cooking great meals is difficult. For a few of us, we are excessively worn out and tired, making it impossible to cook. However, when you quit eating out, the result can be tremendous. By changing your food habits you could spare hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year.


  • Drinking bottled water

You will spend a tremendous amount of money every year by drinking only bottled water. While with tap water, it will cost you close to nothing. You could also refrigerate your water overnight before drinking if your tap has a weird taste.


  • Buying coffee

It might appear to be nothing, spending a couple of bucks every day at the neighborhood café. However, would you be able to envision all the cash that is saved if you prepare your own coffee at home? You can make your own coffee and spend so much less than buying coffee every day. Buying at the café is not as practical as it looks.


  • Purchasing branded merchandise

Since we are influenced by promoters that brand-name items serve us better, we are encouraged to go after brand-name items while never considering the consequences. Be that as it may, by purchasing nonspecific brands, we unquestionably would spare 20 percent more or even more.


  • Making more than one trip to the supermarket every week

A great method to influence yourself to adhere to a basic spending plan is to not enable little excursions to the store if you don’t need to. Odds are you’ll wind up getting something additional. A routine of of one supermarket trip for every week demonstrates that you can follow your basic needs.


  • Grocery shopping on an empty stomach

Keep away from these two situations when traveling to the market no matter what. If you grocery shop for goods when you’re hungry, you’re more prone to purchasing additional stuff you don’t need. Do your grocery shopping after you’ve eaten so you’re not temped by all the food when you’re hungry.

The Awesome Way Researchers Test Space-Bound Tech Here On Earth

This post refers to articles from Popular Science and Gizmodo. Visit those links for more on SESL, and check out angstromengineering.com for more information on small-scale space environment simulation.

Human beings were never meant to breach the bounds of our planet’s protective shroud. But in our never-ending pursuit for military superiority, we reached beyond that atmospheric barrier and entered the void of space in 1961. Since then, humankind has made many more trips to outer space – some ending in triumph, others in tragedy.

Space is as contradictory to human survival as the depths of Earth’s oceans. In many ways, it’s actually more similar to the ocean floor than it is our planet’s atmosphere. It’s certainly colder, reaching temperatures below two hundred degrees Celsius, and it lacks the oxygen that is fundamental to sustaining just about all known forms of life.

We knew this before we went to space. There was never any delusion on the part of NASA or the USSR that the world beyond Earth’s atmosphere was hostile both to humans and human technology. But nor did we know exactly how our tech would fare in the great beyond in the dawn of the Space Race, and that was a problem.

As Andrew Tarantola wrote for Gizmodo, NASA basically made up spaceflight as it went along during those early years. No one knew precisely what it would be like up there. All researchers could do was test, hypothesize, and test again.

That’s where SESL comes in. NASA completed building the Space Environment Simulation Laboratory in 1965 as a way to test spacecraft and other space-bound technology here on Earth. And believe it or not, it worked amazingly well – so well, in fact, that it’s still used over 40 years later.

SESL consists of two test chambers. The larger chamber uses a massive fan to create a near-vacuum environment, lighting systems to simulate sunlight in space, and gaseous helium that can reach bone-chilling temperatures of 262 degrees below. The other chamber simulates the environment inside a craft as it floats in space, with enormous cranes to maneuver the equipment around.

It gets better – you don’t have to travel to Houston to see space simulation in action. On a smaller scale, there are systems like that built by Angstrom Engineering that can test how low-pressure environments impact smaller pieces of tech like solar panels. Angstrom’s vaccum chamber system has both precise pressure control and temperature control to create a miniature space testing environment.

I highly recommend you check out angstromengineering.com for more information on this awesome system.

Common Interventions for Psoriasis

There are different skin conditions people might experience. The causes can be a result of the environment, hereditary, low immune system, diet, unhygienic and contact with people who have skin conditions. Psoriasis is one example of a skin condition where the cells grow at a faster rate than they can be shed. Having this kind of skin condition can cause excess skin to build up and form scaly patches on different parts of the body. You can have it at any age but the condition usually starts as you get older. The skin cracking is like a paper cut on your fingertips. It will begin to die, flake, peel and itch. The area is itchy and it will begin to get red and then it begins to blister like, flake and peels to raw skin. Mostly it appears often on the part of the hands, toes, inside arch of your feet and on you heals. It shows up in callus, by cracking. When you wash your hands, it will have the burning feeling.

There are some common interventions you can do for this type of skin condition. One of them is living in moist humid climate. It helps to delay the condition for appearing. Often  dry arid climates aggravate the condition. Second is when washing your hands, only use soft water. It is much better than hard water. Hard water can worsen the condition in dry climates. Third is to apply Vaseline on the affected areas and wear rubber gloves. It tends to sooth the itchy feeling and the areas get better too. Also by using rubber gloves, your hands will stay moist and out of water. You need to use Vaseline petroleum jelly several times a day while wearing white cotton gloves. As well as wearing white cotton gloves on your hands, you should also wear white socks on your feet to control the itching. You can also take Clobetasol Propionate Ointment and Salicylic Acid Cream as it proven.

It has also been suggested that taking Clobetasol Propionate Ointment and Salicylic Acid Cream can help.

According to Harvard University, you can also use a coconut oil as a topical treatment. Using coconut oil has become popular for beauty treatment such as reducing hair frizziness, stretch marks, moisturizing the skin and removing makeup. They found out that the effect of the coconut oil once applied directly to the skin can reduce inflammation. It relives the dryness and reduces the amount of water lost in the skin. The fatty acids from the coconut oil have a soothing effect and helps soften the skin. The lauric acid has an antimicrobial effect which also help to reduce skin infections and irritations. A good way to treat Psoriasis.

What Is Yoga Effect On Your Blood Pressure?

Yoga is in cooperation of the spiritual and physical state of one’s body or Sanskrit word for union. It claims to improve health and happiness when routinely doing breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. Patanjali was a pioneer of classical yoga that defined yoga as “the cessation of the modification of the mind” or stopping changing the mind. A person performing yoga moves from one posture to another and also called asana. There are 12 poses of asanas and it helps the sense of balance for both body and soul. Yoga is recommended for people experiencing hypertension. As you all know high blood pressure or hypertension have a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. It is diagnosed to have higher on both systolic and diastolic blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor (BP). There is also called a prehypertension whereas the blood pressure is higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified in hypertension range.


To improve and prevent from developing hypertension in long term, people with a prehypertension need to change their lifestyle. By preventing this to happen, they can do Yoga as their alternative exercise. As for the study, yoga has surprising health benefits for people with prehypertension. Yoga helps the person’s blood pressure to decrease and can cause good effect to your body. Aside from lowering your blood pressure, it also reduces insomnia. The physical benefits of yoga include improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, protects your spine, betters your bone health and more.


The improvement of doing yoga daily will help you increases your blood flow, drains your lymphs and boosts immunity, ups your heart rate and Drops your blood pressure. It’s a good alternative to take medications that will also risk your health and might damage your kidney. As your lifestyle change by the help of Yoga as part as your routine, it will make you happier and gives you peace of mind. Make it a habit to do a combination of asanas, pranayama, and meditation for 1 hour daily to prevent the development of hypertension and give you a sense of well-being.

How To Fight Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Taking iron supplements is the key to fight anemia and rebuild iron stores in our body. Eating iron-rich foods also help to stop lowering your iron levels. That is how important iron supplements to our body. Iron performs a huge benefit for our lives. Without iron, you might end up having iron deficiency anemia. Iron is a vital mineral for your health. Iron create energy from nutrients. Iron also works for the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the body. If you fail to get enough iron to your body, you might experience symptoms of anemia such as fatigue, weakness, dizziness and difficulty concentrating.

anemiaThere are some common causes of anemia that includes, menstruation, mainly if flow is heavy and prolonged, if you have peptic ulcer disease, cancer in the digestive tract, blood loss from trauma or blood donation and gastrointestinal bleeding from prolonged use of medications like ibuprofen and aspirin. You may avoid all of this if you take proper supplement and diet. Most people ask when they experience anemia is what is the best iron supplement? The best iron supplement is what the doctor usually prescribe for patient suffering from iron deficiency anemia. The supplements are can be take in capsules or intravenous iron for faster absorption. Ideally iron supplement is best to take on an empty stomach together with vitamin C which help the absorption of the iron in the body. When taking iron supplement, you need ask your doctor on how long you need to take an iron supplement. To prevent iron toxicity, especially for children.

If you can’t afford the prescribe iron supplement given by your doctor. You may consider an alternative to iron supplements. It is also effective in a way that can sustain your body needs for iron. Make sure you only take the recommended dose of iron.


Greenhouse Effect – Our Latest Discoveries

Solar photovoltaics involve conversion of solar energy into electricity. This is achieved utilizing photovoltaic cells that are comprised of product which produce electrons as the sunlight falls on it. After that the electrons are saved so as to create electricity for human use. Generally, the product used in solar batteries is silicon.

Electric heating units work by passing electric current through product with big resistance to electrical power. As the existing go through the medium it generates heat due to the resistance the electrons experience whilst taking a trip. Have you ever checked out a toaster and seen the red radiant hairs of wire? Whether you’re heating up an area or making toast for your breakfast plate, the idea would be the very same. Electric heating systems are simple to establish, quickly offered, and depending on the design – may not require specialized installation. They are not really productive however, and usually the rate of power per BTU for heating factors is somewhat high. On account of this fact, these are much better matched for milder climates or in conditions in which much shorter time period heating is needed. If you do make a decision on an electrical heater, make sure to get one which has an adjustable thermostat and automatic close off in the event that it gets tipped over (to avoid versus fires).

Fossil fuels are offered in restricted reserves. No matter how hard we try, we can not manufacture petroleum or rate up its production as it takes countless years to be what it is. Rightly called as black gold, petroleum is the backbone of every nation and economy. Yet, with the ever-increasing needs for energy fuels, we had to create alternative fuels and hence, researchers began working to try to find other means of energy.

Something no one can reject is that sun is a big source of energy. This energy, if captured, can resolve our energy crisis forever. Planetary system are for that reason, have been created so that present generation can include them well into their way of life. This will encourage everybody to put efforts and share in order to save our world. The factor is greenhouse effect causing worldwide warming, instability in nature, ozone layer exhaustion and so on. Solar photovoltaic does not give off any type of poisonous or greenhouse gases into the air and also leaves no residue that might be non-degradable.

And Now For The Best Of Greenhouse Effect

Solar photovoltaics are not so expensive and they also conserve a great deal of your money that you might otherwise be spending on heating, electricity etc. Solar energy can be made use of to derive electricity for domestic use, for heating functions and for lots of other things that one may only think of. With the price of every energy source increasing like anything, we actually have to alter our methods for deriving the energy, so that even if by any chance we lack the standard fuels, we still will have the world running.

Finally, the very best part of solar photovoltaics is that it can never run out of fuel as sun is bound to be out there for millions of years. We would be utilizing sustainable source for taking care of our needs. In reality, we can keep solar energy in many forms along with use it in many types even when the sun is not visible. This is the advantage of using solar photovoltaics and that is why, everyone should switch to these systems in order to live clean, green as well as healthy.

There are definitely no side-effects of solar power and moreover, you can rest assured that it will likewise not position any risks of fire or other such risks while in operation. All in all it is an excellent energy source with no devastating consequences or damaging effects upon environment or world.

Some Insight On Feeling Sad And Lonely

The holiday can either be leaving and jubilant, or lonely and saddening. How you experience the holidays is completely approximately you. Really! Whether you feel sad or happy, lonely or linked is entirely up to you.

Your thoughts, your activities, and the kind of situations you put yourself into produce your feelings. Essentiallies, you do not need to experience dissatisfied or sad holiday feelings unless you want to. If you wish to alter how you feel, simply alter what you are doing, and this will change your feelings.

Well, the initial step out of your anxiety is to accept and fully feel your present feelings. Inform yourself, ‘I accept that I am feeling depressed today’.

Moving forward with this idea…

Right now make a fast list of the activities, or absence thereof, that may make you sad or unhappy about the holidays. Do something various about 2 of these right now.

Feeling Sad And Lonely; There’s Even More……

Doesn’t feel like holidays at your home? Put up lights! Decorate in holiday motif. Play holiday music and light candles.

Do not have plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.? Volunteer! Assisting those in requirement can do marvels for your attitude. Or call up some pals and plan a small gathering.

Aren’t anticipating seeing family? Take interest in each of your loved ones as you speak to them, in a much deeper way than ever. You might enjoy them for a change.

Exhausted from cooking and playing around? Take an hour, half-hour or perhaps 15 minutes all to yourself. Do not do tasks, errands, clean up, etc. Do not do anything you have to do, even if you feel guilty. Do whatever YOU like.

Don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve? Make some now, whether to see a show, a play, or gathering with good friends. Or designate New Year’s Eve as the time to reflect over the previous year and dream about the next year.

Feel down or detached? Do something for someone else. Volunteer, contribute money, contribute or serve in some way. Get involved in group activities.

Feel a lack of spiritual connection to the holidays? Get back to your roots in some way – go to church, light candle lights, pray, write a gratitude list, practice meditation, etc

Not having fun? Play and be innovative. Do something childlike, even if you do not feel like it, even if you think it’s ridiculous, even if you do not have time or don’t want to trouble. Even better, have fun with a youngster. You will find it deeply satisfying.

Wishing you were in a relationship? Or, wishing your relationship was better? Do a grand scale thankfulness list for what you do have and exactly what is working in your life. It will not repair the relationship situation, however it will repair your attitude.

The Brilliance Behind Global Warming

Global warming is the shadow of future turmoil and destruction. And it is no doubt a guy made catastrophe. The appeal of the earth is slowly getting lost. The dark shadow of death is creeping extensively. In easy terms, global warming is the typical rise in earth’s temperature. And it is this rise just that has actually triggered the great modification in the climate. Typical global temperature has enhanced by virtually one degree Fahrenheit over the previous century, an added 2 to 6 degree Fahrenheit boost over the one hundred years is also anticipated. This might not surprise you much but it could alter the earth’s temperature as never in the past.

Global warming is the number one horrible fate. The major behind global warming is the emissions of carbon-dioxide and other green house from human activities that consist of commercial processes, nonrenewable fuel source combustion, and the modifications in the land usage, such as logging. With the advancement of the commercial economies, bigger quantity of carbon-dioxide is launched into the environment. A number of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide act as the additional blanket around the earth. They enable sun’s heat to reach the surface area of the earth and heat up the temperature. Together with emission of harmful gases. Deforestation is the another devastating force behind the global warming.

Cant Get Enough of Global Warming? Want More??

Deforestation enhances other greenhouse gases, including methane and laughing gas. Global warming is a foreseeable fact when the rain forest and other forests are ruined.

By 2100, sea levels are most likely to rise between 7 to 23 inches. Leading to the steady inundation of seaside locations and increasing beach erosion and flooding from seaside storms, changes in rainfall patterns, increased threat of dry spells and floods, risks to the bio variety and the number of potential challenges for the public health.

This has resulted in Co2 levels enhancing to around 385 ppm, a boost of around 37 % from pre-industrial levels generally as a result of burning nonrenewable fuel sources.

How do we know this? Well, data from ice core records that get back a minimum of 650,000 years now reveal us that Co2 levels have actually varied naturally during this time between 280 and 300 ppm. Co2 levels have actually also been measured precisely from the top of Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii given that 1958, and results show a boost in Co2 levels from 315 ppm to 385 ppm because that time. Co2 now stands at 85 ppm more than it has actually been for at least 650,000 years of Earth’s history. It is a recognized clinical reality that greater levels of greenhouse gases will cause higher temperature levels, which appears to be happening now. The world has actually warmed by an average of 0.74 degrees during the last 100 years approximately.

Nevertheless we can all make efforts to save the environment from the significant risks. And the most basic techniques are – utilizing recyclable items, purchase of energy efficient items, tree plantation and decrease in pollution.

Straightforward Environmental Activist

There has never ever been a better time to seriously think about natural fuel alternatives with the cost of gas escalating and our reliance on fossil fuels growing. Biofuels are natural fuel alternatives. Environmentally friendly biofuels are liquid, gas or strong derivatives from biomasses, ie recently living organism and organism by-products. Soybeans’, sugar flaxseed, palm and walking cane oil are the most common crops producing eco-friendly biofuels. The majority of remarkably typical grass is an eco-friendly biofuel being utilized in Europe for some decades now. Maybe grass pellets remain in fact the response to your worrying fuel problems. Each crop has its own benefits according to use.

Certainly fuel consumers have made a devoted effort to re-evaluate the method they heat our homes in consideration of today’s big energy expenses. Eco-friendly biofuels and alternative heating techniques have actually become an extremely attractive choice. The burning of grass pellets for example releases approximately an amazing 90 % less greenhouse gasses than natural gas or fuel coal. Grass pellets are easily grown and produced by farmers and are safe to use on a new customized wood burning stove which might also burn corn. Not only is this an extremely affordable environmentally friendly biofuel this might also have a considerable favorable effect for rural and farming neighborhoods.

Continuing In This Direction..

Corn as an eco-friendly biofuel has actually received a lot of media attention lately. With the accessibility of corn pellets for home heating enjoyment grows as customers realize the savings they will certainly attain in their home spending plans. The original investment of a modified stove to burn fuel may appear a little pricey to some home owners, but certainly the end costs are far more enticing.

We haven’t even thought about this yet

Conversion kits are likewise readily available today for moving your traditional wood fireplace into a corn pellet stove. The future will certainly see more progress and support for eco-friendly biofuels with the expectation to the intro of alfalfa stems.

Moving The Discussion Forward

The use of environmentally friendly biofuels is not restricted to home heating. Our lifeline, the car might also be run on environmentally friendly biofuels. Biodiesel is created from a mix of soybean oil, vegetable oil and palm oil! This is not only an eco-friendly biofuel but has likewise shown to provide excellent gas mileage compared with petroleum based fuels. It is hoped that ecologically fuels may even change petroleum fuels in the future. This hope may not be simply a dream with the growing appeal of ethanol; a corn produced biofuel, the future may be nearer than we believe. Ethanol is now available at numerous filling station and is routinely used as a petroleum fuel extender offering far better mileage than lots of other alternatives.

Oscar-winning starlet for her role as an environmental activist is everyday are interesteded in environmental problems. Using his black Toyota Prius, Julia Roberts also use other vehicles powered biodiesel. In fact, he actively advocated Earth Biofuels in school buses.

Producing your very own biodiesel is also possible, (although this has yet to be approved by the government for wide-scale use). This is not a complex procedure and there are some simple to find web sites that will share the instructions with you for no cost.

There is no question that the world requires eco-friendly biofuels. We have actually seen a lot of forward progress in the production of fossil fuel alternatives. The future shall bring us even more exciting progress with wider use of environmentally friendly biofuels.