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If you are in the real estate industry, you’d be interested in the new green building trend and what it is to you. You’ve probably also heard the term ‘Eco Realtor’ and wondered if it was worth paying attention to, or if it is just another industry fad. The bottom line is that the green movement is booming and consumers are growing curious on how they can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you become an informed Eco Realtor, you can provide added services that your clients will really appreciate, and during the same time you’ll be doing something well for the environment.

You need to get to tap into the green trend and leverage this incredible niche market to propel your business forward and increase sales, as a real estate professional. By becoming an Eco Realtor, you’ll educate and influence your patronage, and use your new knowledge and the authority to produce amazing results for your business.

Going Forward…

We all know that sustainable living is the only thing to do for the environment. But becoming an eco-living expert can also translate into a lot more ‘green’ for your pockets and your business– but that if you know how to take advantage of the powerful secrets to make this market trend work for you. Of course like most people, you are probably concerned with the consequences of global warming, sustainability, and rising energy costs. And in fact, as a Realtor, you simply cannot afford to ignore this upward trend and what it is to your business and the economy.

There are many ways you can support your teen’s efforts to support the environment. You can purchase eco-friendly cleaning products, encourage family members to save energy in your home, and support green businesses. You can also help by learning about what some current environmental issues are. Knowing the updated information on global warming, what it is like to live sustainably, and ways to pitch in for the planet are efforts that will long be appreciated by your teen.

Knowing about the environmental efforts your teen supports can help you as a parent communicate more effectively with your adolescent. Whether it’s by contributing to environmental efforts yourself or find out more about the efforts your teen supports, it definitely can be easy being green.

The explosive green niche market offers incredible potential for the savvy real estate professional who understands how to leverage a unique eco-friendly value proposition, to better serve the client. The best part is, going green and becoming an Eco Realtor represents a long-term strategy for success.

The facts illustrate an upward trend the eco-friendly living that is there to stay. Everyone wants to find out about how to live healthier, and how to save money with a more effective home. This market only stands to grow as more and more consumers jump on the green bandwagon. Think about it: we are all growing tired of rising energy costs, unhealthy and expensive homes with inefficient systems, and toxic building materials. The basic homes of today, with all of their flaws, will some day be a thing of the past.

Green consumers are getting smarter and more informed all of the time. Homes and communities are evolving and going green. The National Association of Home Builders Green Building Conference in April 2007 revealed that green building and remodeling is experiencing a degree of demand that goes beyond the current supply of qualified firms according to the Overview.

Seize this opportunity to gain ahead of the curve: learn the secrets of becoming an Eco Realtor now, and unlock your potential for tremendous competitive advantage and increased business opportunities. You can pursue either of the new industry training programmes such as the EcoBroker certification, or the NAR Green designation, or you can pursue more knowledge through popular green building industry associations such as The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBG) and LEED. LEED promotes the development and construction of green homes. A LEED-certified home is one that has been certified as meeting certain measurable ‘green’ characteristics. As an Eco Realtor, you’ll be ready to help your clients choose the right properties for their green, eco-friendly lifestyle.

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