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Huge Potential for Companies Focused on Green Tech

greentechnology There is a huge market out there for green tech, and there’s tons of room for innovation. As most of society becomes more focused and interested in conserving energy and being careful to not deplete the natural resources we have, others still don’t get it. These people either understand the risk and don’t care, or they don’t want to change the way they live to try and live more cleanly. Whatever the reason for not caring, one thing is apparent when it comes to green tech- make things that save the environment but don’t disrupt the average individuals life. This is how you get mass-market adoption.

According to a study done by Navigant Research, the smart thermostat market alone is likely to reach $1.4 billion by 2020, right now the market is sitting at $100 million. The research firm is said to have taken a conservative approach to coming up with this number as they realize the barrier to entry will likely be getting utility companies and government run operations on board… why would they want you to save money? That’s less money in their pockets, right? Not quite.

The report authors went into detail about this explaining that “unlike products and solutions that are directly integrated by government-sponsored utility smart grid programs, smart thermostats have remained largely in the commercial sphere where uptake relies on individual energy efficiency awareness and cost savings as purchasing incentives. As such, the market for smart thermostats has struggled to gain traction.”

Nest Labs, the cool new company producing an awesome looking Eco-friendly thermostat is smartthermostatshipping approximately 40,000 units per month. That’s a big profit for a relatively new company in a market that’s current ‘hot’. People are interested in what they have to offer, they’ve found a way to combine Eco-friendly solutions with design-friendly looks. This is the ultimate combination for the younger demographics and people living in modern cities like New York City and Toronto.

The truth, according to Navigant, is that most utility companies are switching their pricing models and offerings to include these Eco-friendly smart thermostats. The barrier to entry is actually relatively low for business building thermostats that focus on selling to utilities. This is an exciting market.

Mexico Announces New Oil Discovery


MEXICO CITY – The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, announced on Friday at 9:00 pm, a new oil discovery in the deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new finding would have occurred in the well Supremus-1, with a water depth of 2,900 meters, located in the Perdido fold belt, off the northern state of Tamaulipas, in the same area where President Calderon recently announced a first discovery of light oil in the well Trion-1.

Mexican state oil company, Pemex, expects to certify in Trion-1-with a water depth of 2,500 meters and a depth from the seabed 2,000 meters proved, probable and possible for up to 400 million barrels.

Pemex began this summer drilling in the Perdido Fold Belt, on the border with the United States, and Trion Supremus-1-1. The oil company plans to start drilling soon Maximino-1, which would have a water depth of 2.922 meters.

Pemex has drilled 23 wells in deep water, but had discovered not only oil and gas, which aims to raise production.

Mexico is the seventh largest oil producer, whose exports feed about a third of government revenues.





Chameleon and Sloth at the International list of endangered species


Seoul – International experts have published a list of the hundred most endangered animals, plant and fungal species. These are to species from 48 countries, including the Tarzan chameleon, which is a native to Madagascar. Among others are the shorebird beach bucket rotor and the pygmy sloth, which is on an island belonging to Panama.

They are all mentioned in the report, which was unveiled on Tuesday at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, a forum on nature conservation, on the South Korean island of Jeju.

It is to be feared that its wholly-called extinct species because people could draw no recognizable benefit from them, said the organization Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which is responsible for the list.



Tariffs On Green Products Will Be Cut


Ministers of Trade Forum, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) agreed to cut tariffs on 54 products that are friendly to the environment. The rates of such goods shall be fixed at 5% or less and eliminated in 2015, said Andrei Belousov, Russia’s finance minister.

The low tariff will range from gas turbines, water heaters and solar panels, bamboo up equipment for water recycling and control of air pollution.

The negotiations held in the APEC Ministerial Meeting in the Russian city of Vladivostok was hard and confronted, especially between the U.S. and China. While the former wanted a “credible” list, China fought for the inclusion of bicycles and other products, even honey.

It was originally proposed to eliminate tariffs on more than 300 products. But today, that number had dropped to 25 and eventually expanded to 54, not including bicycles or honey.

Under the Policy Support Unit of the APEC, the green market has great growth potential. There were 54 environmental items that have tariffs of 5% or less, and will be removed in 2015, according to the determination of the member countries of APEC.



Shell Takes Next Hurdle on the Way to Oil Drilling in Arctic



Anchorage/USA – The Dutch oil company, Shell, has taken another hurdle on the way to drilling off the northwest coast of Alaska.

As the U.S. Nature Protection Agency announced on Friday, the company has a one-year certificate is issued, and that Shell allows the use of generators on a drillship that produce fumes.


Tests revealed that the machines emit too much ammonia and nitrous oxide, which is why special permission had to be obtained. The company wants to search for oil in the Arctic Chukchi Sea. EPA anticipates that the total emission is below the legal limits.



The Era of the Bulb Ends Quietly


Berlin – The end of the traditional light bulb comes in stages. Since September 2009, initially had all the bulbs with at least 100 Watt power disappear from the stores. This was during the years after the EU ban was extended to at least 75 bulbs and 60 Watt.

From the 1st of September til now, the remaining bulbs are outdated. After that, the retailers are only allowed to sell off their existing inventories.

But as great in 2009, the outcry over the decision of the European Commission was to ban the “classic” light bulbs to save energy. Although bulbs disappear due to the presence of residual stocks only gradually from the shelves, consumers need to change in the long term.

Drivers of High Petrol Prices Mostly Unimpressed


Munich – Germany’s drivers consist of a survey, in spite of high fuel prices in the majority not less behind the wheel. In a representative Emnid, a survey was conducted to more than 1,000 German citizens on behalf of the news magazine “Focus” last Saturday and reported that 45 percent still drives regardless of the rising gas prices. Only 37 percent said that they will just leave their car and 18 percent of respondents use absolutely no vehicle.



Government Rejects Million Funding for Coal and Gas


Hamburg – The German power corporations have apparently faster than expected to change to renewable energy. The news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported that the government wants to not subsidize the construction of efficient coal and gas power stations, as originally planned.

“The power plant development program will not pursue,” the Federal Economics Ministry said to the report on a question by Green energy experts Oliver Krischer. This funding from the hailed is like “the end of a Holzwegs”.

The federal government decided the funding of around half a billion euros last summer and close potential gaps in supply caused by the target for 2022 nuclear phase may arise. The subsidy program envisaged to subsidize the construction of coal-and gas-fired power plants with up to 15 percent.



Baltic Sea Fishermen are Catching More Sprats and Plaice


Brussels – The Baltic -2013, more fishermen got sprat and plaice but may catch a few salmon and cod. The number of days that can keep the fishermen at sea should remain the same, such as the European Commission in Brussels on Friday announced together with a proposal on fishing quotas of 2013.
The stocks of sprat, plaice and also in the western Baltic herring recovered through sustainable fisheries, said the authority further. The measures proposed by the Commission will discuss fishing quotas in October by the fisheries ministers of the EU countries.

Malaga City Council Begins Work on Conservation and Cleaning of Streams


Malaga City Council has started work on conservation and clean streams, to be held in the eastern basin, the Guadalhorce and Guadalmedina. These tasks have been awarded to the company Federico Garcia SA with a budget of 51,330 euros, representing a reduction of 16 percent compared to last year, when the amount was 60,000 euros.

This savings in recruitment is due to “improving public awareness, which has led to the reduction of waste dumped into streams, and deep cleaning that took place last year,” explained to the reporters on Tuesday by the Councilwoman Operating Services, Beaches and Internal Affairs of the City of Malaga, Teresa Porras.

The cleaning of the streams, which is undertaken using as a guide a report by the municipal department of Civil Protection0, will be implemented and coordinated by the Department of Operational Services, Beaches and Internal Affairs of the City of Malaga. In total, we have been reviewing 90 streams, indicated and noted that in these tasks, scheduled to end on September 20, are working around 30 operators employing twenty machines.

The Consistory Malaga has already informed the Provincial Delegation of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía incidents that are the responsibility of the Andalusian Water Agency, such as clearing and removal of trees, vegetation and natural material carried by currents .

The action plan has been prepared in accordance with the powers it has on the City area of the capital in the municipality, which is the removal of urban waste are obstacles to free channel rivers and streams during the fall rains, Porras specified.