Climate Change: Not Black And White

Climate change may have become a major global problem however its effects will certainly be more visible on under developed economies. According to the World Bank, South Asia and Africa might have to witness financial anxiety of roughly 5 % every year. Earth’s temperature level is rising due to global warming and it is being forecasted that more warming will certainly lead to acute lack of food and clean drinking water for more than 400 million individuals. Just recently, Surat, a state in India became one of the 10 cities in the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network that will be given loan from the World Bank to fight the effects of climate change. Rest 9 cities come from India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Many developed in addition to under developed nations across the world have actually set goals to go green and decrease carbon footprint to reduce the warming rate below the mark of two degrees. Climate change specialists are of view that adoption of mitigation procedures to curb global warming effects is a better choice as compared to adjustment to warmer climate. There will be a 1 % drop in the global economic output due to the increasing greenhouse gas emission which is developing havoc on the environment.

Reality: While it is true that humans as a types have survived through climate variations in the past, it has actually been the reason for civilization collapse in numerous proven cases. The rate of increase and the degree of warming will surpass anything knowledgeable since the beginning of human civilization if the global warming trend continues without action. The fallout from global warming will significantly affect all aspects of modern human life, along with the global economy with which we are so intertwined. In addition, even if developed nations were able to come up with technology to alleviate the effects of global warming, poorer nations will likely not have the resources to adapt. Ecological refugees will influence both developed and establishing countries. Additionally, conflict over food and water will likely have a ripple effect across the globe.

Thanks to the popularity of green occasions, public understanding on climate change has actually seen a significant rise in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, it will require time prior to this awareness translates into action from all parts of the world. According to the current climate change news, the major agenda to be discussed during the International Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen this year will be the shift in carbon reduction that is playing out with the bad individuals in the world. Whether any substantial decisions are made in the summit, the issue will continue to be the same why should poor nations suffer shortage of food, water and healthy environment due to slow action from developed nations to combat climate change? The present requirement is to motivate monetary aid from rich nations so that developing nations are also able to support the reason for curbing global warming.

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