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In today’s uncertain economic climate, being environmentally friendly can be a tough sell. If there are no immediate benefits, people have a hard time letting go of their precious, hard earned dollars in the meaning of a cause that is kind of a slow burn, no matter how noble that cause may be in. People all over the glove, even in first world nations like the United States of America, have had to make significant cutbacks in their expenses to avoid the poor house, therefore, it is certainly understandable the individuals would wish to be wary with how they spend their free time, to say nothing of their finances. When it comes to corporations, it can be exponentially more difficult for clean energy advocates to convert them to modify their ways, especially if it will lead to increased expenses, or worse yet, decreased profits. The federal government has attempted to intervene and offer considerable tax breaks to people and corporations who go green, turning in old cars or upgrading the lighting fixtures in their own homes or in their place of business.

Individual people can help preserve the environment by helping to assist the people that live in the Rainforest. Not by just giving them money but by engaging with them in economic partnership. Creating partnerships to help them market the sustainably harvested fair trade products coming out of the Amazon. Showing the people and the governments that the sustainably utilized wealth of the Amazont can benefit the whole world and at the same time insure the future sustainability of the Rainforest, its people and the region..

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Individuals here in the U.S. and in other wealthy countries can help preserve the environment by going into business partnerships to market the sustainably produced fair trade goods from the Amazon to the people of wealthy countries. This sort of action facilitates and encourages the fact that the Amazon Rainforest has far more economic value as a thriving rich and alive eco system.

It has become necessary for environmentally friendly advocates to consider a course of action that requires a great deal from people, but likewise promises incredible results. Thus, many of these green friendly activists have put forward an intensive green PR initiative that serves to inform the public, change a few minds, and will hopefully convince a number of businesses to do all they can to try and lessen the effect of their fiscal, social, and environmental policies.

Continuing The Conversation

This is always a difficult task, trying to convince people they’re acting improperly and out of their own self interest, but it is undoubtedly compounded by the recent economic downturn. The general fear among activists is that if they walk up to a receptionist who works at a large corporations and they try to persuade her to let them to speak to the executive vice president of operations so that they are able to try to sell him on their green PR initiative, they’ll be laughed out of the office. If this happens to become the case, then the green PR initiative will suffer, and nothing will get done. So it is in the interests of all parties involved to try and do all they can to promote a green agenda.

This has left many environmental activists wondering how they can best advocate for their green PR initiative without leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. Activists, by their nature, have a hard time with public relations because often times they come across as preachy. And this is a big turn off for people. Therefore, in order for a particularly green PR campaign o be successful, activists have to try and establish a grassroots campaign that will be organic, and better yet, will be self sustaining. The best way for environmentalists to get their green PR initiative up off the floor is to use social medial.

The power of social media presented itself in the 2008 election. The groundswell of support for the winning candidate proved that social networking could be a valuable tool that could be used in a variety of ways. Indeed, social networking proved invaluable in overthrowing numerous dictators in the Middle East. Therefore, it should stand to reason that environmental activists should be in a position to use it using the same success rate in fostering the necessary and important changes as outlined in their green PR initiative.

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