Examining Eco Business

Eco-friendly is defined as ‘intended or perceived to have no unsafe impact on the natural surroundings and its residents’ (Ecofriendly). The availability of environment-friendly products has increased noticeably in the past few years. Customers can purchase a number of products that are eco-friendly, such as food, furniture, clothing, pet products, and flooring, to name a few. Customers even have the choice to stay at environmentally friendly hotels while traveling.

Eco-friendly makeup is not a new concept. However, the term eco-friendly includes a vast array of business practices within the cosmetic industry. For example, companies that utilize green item manufacturing practices to typically market those products as environmentally friendly. This can range from using green electrical power in their stores to utilizing wind power in the manufacturing procedure. Other companies offer makeup products that are made with only natural, or botanical, active ingredients. This is purported to be much better for both the consumer and the environment. The type of packaging made use of in cosmetic products is another determination of whether that item is thought about environmentally friendly. Environmentally responsible companies utilize packaging that is biodegradable. Some popular companies that market environmentally friendly makeup include Aveda, The Body Shop, Burt’s Bees, and Aubrey Organics.

While making the choice to only make use of products that are eco-friendly does limit the option of products there are still lots of that are offered. If they are made from recycled materials in the first place, all paper items fit the criteria as they are recyclable and it is even much better. Keep in mind roller coasters, pads, and calendars are examples of functional products that we used that are environment-friendly along with very beneficial.

Eco Business: Expanding The Circle

Cargo Cosmetics have developed a new and distinct concept in eco-friendly lipstick. The company has a new line of lipstick called Plant Love. This collection provides 12 different shades that are made with a botanical formula consisting of jojoba and Shea butter. This lipstick is much better for the environment because it does not contain mineral oil or petroleum based ingredients.

And, what about…..

The most distinctive element of the new Plant Love line from Cargo is the packaging, which is made from recycled product. The lipstick tube is made from plastic acid (PLA), which is a corn based plastic that can be securely composted. It is reported to be 100 % renewable within 100 days. In addition to being made from an eco-friendly resource, the corn based plastic is greenhouse-gas-neutral, which is reported to assist reduce international warming. This is a lot more environmentally friendly than the traditional petroleum based plastic made use of in numerous other lipstick tubes. The Cargo Cosmetics Plant Love lipstick tube is the very first in the industry to make use of PLA.

But, What About…

Plant Love lipstick comes in a box that is completely biodegradable. Cargo Cosmetics have designed a box that is made from biodegradable product that is embedded with wildflower seeds. Instead of throwing the box in the trash, and adding to the problems associated with landfills, you can plant the box. Simply ‘dampen and plant it to grow your own wildflowers’ (Cargo Plant Love). This is a great new concept. Hopefully, other cosmetic companies will certainly quickly follow suit.

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