Some Insight On Feeling Sad And Lonely

The holiday can either be leaving and jubilant, or lonely and saddening. How you experience the holidays is completely approximately you. Really! Whether you feel sad or happy, lonely or linked is entirely up to you.

Your thoughts, your activities, and the kind of situations you put yourself into produce your feelings. Essentiallies, you do not need to experience dissatisfied or sad holiday feelings unless you want to. If you wish to alter how you feel, simply alter what you are doing, and this will change your feelings.

Well, the initial step out of your anxiety is to accept and fully feel your present feelings. Inform yourself, ‘I accept that I am feeling depressed today’.

Moving forward with this idea…

Right now make a fast list of the activities, or absence thereof, that may make you sad or unhappy about the holidays. Do something various about 2 of these right now.

Feeling Sad And Lonely; There’s Even More……

Doesn’t feel like holidays at your home? Put up lights! Decorate in holiday motif. Play holiday music and light candles.

Do not have plans for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.? Volunteer! Assisting those in requirement can do marvels for your attitude. Or call up some pals and plan a small gathering.

Aren’t anticipating seeing family? Take interest in each of your loved ones as you speak to them, in a much deeper way than ever. You might enjoy them for a change.

Exhausted from cooking and playing around? Take an hour, half-hour or perhaps 15 minutes all to yourself. Do not do tasks, errands, clean up, etc. Do not do anything you have to do, even if you feel guilty. Do whatever YOU like.

Don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve? Make some now, whether to see a show, a play, or gathering with good friends. Or designate New Year’s Eve as the time to reflect over the previous year and dream about the next year.

Feel down or detached? Do something for someone else. Volunteer, contribute money, contribute or serve in some way. Get involved in group activities.

Feel a lack of spiritual connection to the holidays? Get back to your roots in some way – go to church, light candle lights, pray, write a gratitude list, practice meditation, etc

Not having fun? Play and be innovative. Do something childlike, even if you do not feel like it, even if you think it’s ridiculous, even if you do not have time or don’t want to trouble. Even better, have fun with a youngster. You will find it deeply satisfying.

Wishing you were in a relationship? Or, wishing your relationship was better? Do a grand scale thankfulness list for what you do have and exactly what is working in your life. It will not repair the relationship situation, however it will repair your attitude.

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