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London eco service provider Agent Orange chooses Ctrack for vehicle tracking

One of the biggest advantages of a vehicle tracking system is that it cuts down on fuel consumption and while most companies obviously look at the fiscal side of this aspect, there are other advantages as well. The environmental benefits that are acquired by installing a vehicle tracking system and efficient fleet management are often go unnoticed.

But Agent Orange, the fast-growing environmental services provider for Greater London and the Home Counties has identified this aspect of vehicle tracking systems and working in tandem with the leading vehicle tracking system provider, Ctrack, are now installing tracking systems along with adopting a new driver behavior that will help in the fleet management.

The new vehicle tracking system that will be installed by Ctrack in 71 vans over a five year period will help not just the fleet costs, but will also cut down vehicle fuel costs specifically by whole 10 percent while vehicle accidents will be cut down hopefully by a good 20 percent, if not more. The Ctrack vehicle tracking system will help in planning of routes and relaying real-time information about vehicle location to fleet managers while a specially designed Driver Behavior Indicator (DBI) will help drivers keep in line and drive with the right technique on road.

All the information relayed back to the fleet managers in the headquarters will be aided with the complete charts and graphs that will be provided by the Ctrack software and with the latest Mobi2 application launched by the firm, those in office can track vehicles and relay information even while they are away from the desk.

The use of smartphones and tablets will enable those managing the entire fleet to be always in control. And while the fuel costs will be cut down and driver safety enhanced, there will also be an improvement in emission standards and reduction in pollution as well. A system in which everyone ends up a winner!