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The Effectiveness of Community Based Campaign for Green Economy

It is now a fact that our ecosystem is increasingly deteriorating as a result of human activities that is daily damaging it. Our beautiful and fragile planet has seen irreparable damage in its ecosystem in recent years.

There are so many factors that have led to this condition, ranging from industrial pollution, emissions from automobiles, excessive use of the earth’s resources to destruction of vegetation and accumulation of wastes in the environment.

So much has been said, and much has also been spent by governments, environmental enthusiasts and NGOs in an effort to regain lost parts of our environment. But we still see abuse in the way the environment’s resources is used.

Therefore, community based campaigns and activities will go a long way to helping our environment become better, especially when it is massively pursued and supported by the government.

Debate Hots Up Over Bi-Weekly Refuse Collection Proposals

Communities can initiate local recycling activities that will reduce littering and accumulation of garbage. Glasses, scrapes of metals and plastics from wastes can be extracted and even sold to recycling companies for some money.

The other degradable wastes can be used to form a compost heap. With this, families can grow gardens in their homes; and by extension they will have access to more natural foods. It will also reduce dependence on chemical fertilizers.

By getting involved on the community like this, people will become more aware of the roles they have to play in contributing to a green economy. People will also become more aware of the direct consequence of littering and careless disposal of wastes.

How to Deal With Climatic Change or Global Warming

We all want to achieve awareness of how important it is to repair the damage that has been done to our planet and understand that this is a problem for us all. We fight climate change by:

Caring for Water

  • Avoid drips and leaks in faucets. The drips and leaks in faucets mean losing more than 100 liters of water a month.
  • Prefer low-energy showers. Low-energy showers allow a comfortable shower and spend less water and energy.
  • Do not leave water to run unnecessarily, especially during washing, shaving and brushing our teeth.

Using Energy Efficiently

  • Prefer low-energy light bulbs, and avoid leaving lights on when you are not using it.
  • Instead of using the dryer, use the hot sun to dry your clothes.
  • Cook with the lid on, keep the oven closed and clean the burners.
  • Open the refrigerator and freezer as little as possible.

Choosing Public Transportation

  • Private cars emit 38 times more carbon monoxide than buses for each person carried.
  • Instead of using multiple cars, share your car with friends or family members by taking them to their destination that is near yours.