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Solar Energy, hazard or a blessing?

Solar energy has enough potential to change the manner the world gets its power! Solar energy is among the world’s cleanest and most potential forms of energy, plans to develop utility scale solar farms have raised concerns over effective environmental hazards. Although solar farms provide with amazing benefits but do have some impact on the environment and surroundings.

Now as we know that burning of fossil fuels for the gain of energy remains the source of carbon dioxide emissions but on the contrary, solar power emissions-free form of energy, and it is true that greenhouse gas emissions from solar are also negligible.

Having said that, solar system do not require any water to make electricity. Although some solar thermal systems use water, but this water can be reused easily.

Adding one more point to the advantages of solar energy is, solar energy systems require less amount of land space but utility scale solar farms, on the contrary, do require vast amounts of land to produce electricity!

Well everything on Earth has a good and bad side so there are some hazardous effects of solar energy. Solar energy may also be used to make hazardous materials like oils and molten salts.

So solar panels evoke some good positive feelings, even when set in a natural landscape!


Smart Energy Saving Devices

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Let s talk about the services of GEO (Green Energy Options). GEO provides several products, ranging from in-home displays to online appliance control. Not only this, but GEO also helps you provide every necessary detailed information about monitoring energy. The aim of the company is to aid its costumers to reduce as well as to manage energy consumption.

So what are its in-home display (IHD) offers? Well, GEO has some really intelligent and feasible techniques implanted in portable devices for managing consumption of electricity, water, gas, heaters, boilers, etc. for its costumers.

Such as ‘Solo’, an ideal energy monitor is a handy and easy to use tool at home. It provides you information about how well are you managing with energy consumption at your home. The devices alarms you quickly if anything goes wrong when using energy. Using this portable device, you can feasibly upload your energy consumption report on a personalized webpage for knowing whether you are doing it correctly, but also to compare your management with that of others.

Another GEO product that is ‘Ensemble energy electricity monitor’ provides a remarkable service in the form of a review system in home, by the aid of which you can check the amount of electricity consumption along with helpful details.

A product formulated by GEO for its costumers, who wish to track the water consumption in their homes comes by the name of ‘Ensemble water’. The device makes the water meter readings quite easy. By detecting the water consumption in your home, you can  conserve this natural source of energy and get reduced water bills.

Energy Saving Projects on Big Scale

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Life is not possible without energy, but the current ways of consuming energy would leave us with nothing in the near future, but a polluted environment and lack of every source and facility.

Hence, several alternative methods have been developed, and many are yet to be formulated and the existing ones need to be improved.

These methods of producing green energy are being enhanced and every possible effort is being made to bring this alternative source of energy into common use.

When talking about recycling energy, the projects of National Trusts come to our minds immediately. Reviewing their energy projects creates an optimistic image of a healthy environment.

Its Biomass Boiler Installations works on the idea of replacing oil heating system with low carbon equivalent. This project that is developed in Chirk Castle, works on this idea of replacing the old boiler system with the biomass ones.

An attempt of National Trust to reduced carbon emission came out in the form of use of carbon neutral biomass boilers instead of the old ones. Two oil-fired boilers were replaced with a wooden pellet biomass boiler in Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire.

Another technique developed by National Trust to use natural wind energy was developed in The Old Coastguard Lookout building. The project makes use of Pellet stoves and wind turbines to charge batteries in a coastguard station.

Yet another project that aims at installing solar thermal units for providing heated water to flats is in the Hanbury Hall.

The above mentioned were only a few projects. There are still many more that shall be discussed in future blog posts.

Preparing for Solar Panel Installation in Your Home

Solar panels have become popular recently as a result of the increase in the campaign for producing electricity from green energy. Using solar panels have contributed in the reduction in the cost of electricity bills for the user.

The first thing you have to consider when preparing for solar panel installation is the cost. The solar panels are actually a bit expensive; even though their prices vary, it is safe to have a budget for your solar panels.

Also consider the tilting of your roof. For the panels to produce the most electricity, the roofs have to be facing south. Also, ensure that your roof is not weak to carry the heavy solar panels before installing them. Ask a specialist if you are not sure.


Additionally, it will be unsuitable to an extent to install solar panels if you are living in an apartment, or a small house without a large space on the roof. Again, find out from a specialist about the suitability of your house for solar panel installation.

Depending on where you live, you may be required to get permission for the installation of your solar panels. Find out from the authorities what is obtainable in your area. The size of the panels however may determine if you need any such permission from your local authorities.

So you know it is important to generate energy for yourself using solar energy; but with all of its benefits, you still have to make sure you are making the right decisions for your house and for yourself.

How Viable is Waste Water Energy?

Already we know that plants that manage waste water simply recycle this water for domestic use. These treatment plants so far use electricity for their recycling processes, but that is soon going to change, with recent research suggesting that they could begin to power themselves soon.

Engineers and biologists suggest microbes that help digest waste water could provide power for a microbial fuel cell. These microbial fuel cells have always been in existence though, but have been largely inefficient because of the space they occupy and their cost.

However, by implementing this knowledge and technology into the design of water treatment plants, the microbial fuel cells could eliminate the water treatment stage involving the treatment of activated sludge. Aside from this, the treatment plants will be able to produce their own power.

BP Pollution

For now the number of treatment plants may not be enough to provide any significant extra energy as an alternative to energy sources we are already using. However, it is a step towards producing environmentally friendly energy. The potential is there to be tapped into, and at least will give water treatment plants independence in energy.

Geothermal Technology – another energy alternative for the world

Geothermal technology involves tapping steam from underground reservoirs and passing it through powerful turbines that convert it to electricity. This technology takes advantage of the abundance of heat available in the earth crust.

The potential of geothermal technology is huge in becoming an alternative to fossil fuel, which we currently use for the generation of energy in the world today. The energy produced will be more stable than that produced from solar or wind.

To tap into the power potential of geothermal technology can theoretically provide energy for all of the US, where extensive research has been ongoing on its economic feasibility.

With the huge potential of geothermal technology, there are a lot of challenges that must be overcome before it can truly become a reliable alternative for energy needs.

Limitations to the use of geothermal technology

Geothermal systems tend to be expensive, one drill could cost as much as $10 million, plus the cost required to set up the infrastructure.


Also the temperature and permeability of the surface has to be satisfactory. There is also the need for remote sensing technology that will help the developers know exactly what they’re going to face underground. Again, even with every condition in place, there’s still no guarantee of successfully converting the steam to energy.

This is why geothermal system has faced the challenge of getting prices that will compete with other cheaper renewable sources of energy.

With the significant increase in investment and research in geothermal technology, hopefully it will provide power to thousands of homes; without being more expensive soon.