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Mexico Announces New Oil Discovery


MEXICO CITY – The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, announced on Friday at 9:00 pm, a new oil discovery in the deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new finding would have occurred in the well Supremus-1, with a water depth of 2,900 meters, located in the Perdido fold belt, off the northern state of Tamaulipas, in the same area where President Calderon recently announced a first discovery of light oil in the well Trion-1.

Mexican state oil company, Pemex, expects to certify in Trion-1-with a water depth of 2,500 meters and a depth from the seabed 2,000 meters proved, probable and possible for up to 400 million barrels.

Pemex began this summer drilling in the Perdido Fold Belt, on the border with the United States, and Trion Supremus-1-1. The oil company plans to start drilling soon Maximino-1, which would have a water depth of 2.922 meters.

Pemex has drilled 23 wells in deep water, but had discovered not only oil and gas, which aims to raise production.

Mexico is the seventh largest oil producer, whose exports feed about a third of government revenues.





Government Rejects Million Funding for Coal and Gas


Hamburg – The German power corporations have apparently faster than expected to change to renewable energy. The news magazine “Der Spiegel” reported that the government wants to not subsidize the construction of efficient coal and gas power stations, as originally planned.

“The power plant development program will not pursue,” the Federal Economics Ministry said to the report on a question by Green energy experts Oliver Krischer. This funding from the hailed is like “the end of a Holzwegs”.

The federal government decided the funding of around half a billion euros last summer and close potential gaps in supply caused by the target for 2022 nuclear phase may arise. The subsidy program envisaged to subsidize the construction of coal-and gas-fired power plants with up to 15 percent.