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Huge Potential for Companies Focused on Green Tech

greentechnology There is a huge market out there for green tech, and there’s tons of room for innovation. As most of society becomes more focused and interested in conserving energy and being careful to not deplete the natural resources we have, others still don’t get it. These people either understand the risk and don’t care, or they don’t want to change the way they live to try and live more cleanly. Whatever the reason for not caring, one thing is apparent when it comes to green tech- make things that save the environment but don’t disrupt the average individuals life. This is how you get mass-market adoption.

According to a study done by Navigant Research, the smart thermostat market alone is likely to reach $1.4 billion by 2020, right now the market is sitting at $100 million. The research firm is said to have taken a conservative approach to coming up with this number as they realize the barrier to entry will likely be getting utility companies and government run operations on board… why would they want you to save money? That’s less money in their pockets, right? Not quite.

The report authors went into detail about this explaining that “unlike products and solutions that are directly integrated by government-sponsored utility smart grid programs, smart thermostats have remained largely in the commercial sphere where uptake relies on individual energy efficiency awareness and cost savings as purchasing incentives. As such, the market for smart thermostats has struggled to gain traction.”

Nest Labs, the cool new company producing an awesome looking Eco-friendly thermostat is smartthermostatshipping approximately 40,000 units per month. That’s a big profit for a relatively new company in a market that’s current ‘hot’. People are interested in what they have to offer, they’ve found a way to combine Eco-friendly solutions with design-friendly looks. This is the ultimate combination for the younger demographics and people living in modern cities like New York City and Toronto.

The truth, according to Navigant, is that most utility companies are switching their pricing models and offerings to include these Eco-friendly smart thermostats. The barrier to entry is actually relatively low for business building thermostats that focus on selling to utilities. This is an exciting market.

Energy Saving Projects on Big Scale

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Life is not possible without energy, but the current ways of consuming energy would leave us with nothing in the near future, but a polluted environment and lack of every source and facility.

Hence, several alternative methods have been developed, and many are yet to be formulated and the existing ones need to be improved.

These methods of producing green energy are being enhanced and every possible effort is being made to bring this alternative source of energy into common use.

When talking about recycling energy, the projects of National Trusts come to our minds immediately. Reviewing their energy projects creates an optimistic image of a healthy environment.

Its Biomass Boiler Installations works on the idea of replacing oil heating system with low carbon equivalent. This project that is developed in Chirk Castle, works on this idea of replacing the old boiler system with the biomass ones.

An attempt of National Trust to reduced carbon emission came out in the form of use of carbon neutral biomass boilers instead of the old ones. Two oil-fired boilers were replaced with a wooden pellet biomass boiler in Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire.

Another technique developed by National Trust to use natural wind energy was developed in The Old Coastguard Lookout building. The project makes use of Pellet stoves and wind turbines to charge batteries in a coastguard station.

Yet another project that aims at installing solar thermal units for providing heated water to flats is in the Hanbury Hall.

The above mentioned were only a few projects. There are still many more that shall be discussed in future blog posts.

Starting a Renewable Energy Business

The world has woken up to the realization of global warming and emissions into the atmosphere. With that, a lot of people are looking for fuel alternatives for their homes and businesses. Therefore, there exist business opportunities in the renewable energy industry.

Renewable energy products are great alternatives to the use of fuels, and the soaring prices of fuels make the market more ready to be explored. By making consumers know that they can cut down on electricity bills when they install solar panels in their homes, will go a long way in increasing the demand for the panels.

In so many under-developed countries where electric generators are used as alternative to power, a business strategy that makes consumers see the efficiency, and reduction in costs when using solar panels for example will whet their appetite for the product.

Media exposure to renewable energy ensures that more consumers join in its use. Since solar energy represents an environmentally friendly way of ensuring everyone contributes to saving our planet, consumers will follow in the campaign. By so doing, people become knowledgeable, while also buying the renewable energy products.MP9004373692

As the media promotes green energy, it is important that the company is also developed with that concept in mind. For instance, it could have an eco friendly headquarter offices that promotes the company’s green technology in the media, showing also the benefits of going green.

And so by marketing sustainable and renewable energy, any company involved in providing renewable energy products will be very profitable, especially if the efficiency and reduction in costs can be proved to consumers.

LED Lights – Eco-friendly Way of Lighting

The discussion on eco-friendly ways of carrying out virtually any human activity has been on the rise in recent years as a result of the continued deterioration of our ecosystem, via emissions.

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor diode that glows when voltage is applied to it, thereby producing electricity. This technology has risen to become a feasible lighting alternative that saves energy while also being more economical in cost and maintenance.

LED is an ideal solution for lighting in streets, because of their long life span, unique illumination and uniform brightness. It also gives a maximum output of light and at the same time, uses a much less power when compared to the conventional street lights.

streetlight (500 x 332)

Very importantly, LED lighting is environmentally friendly and is known to have saved up to 50% in energy costs. This makes this technology an important option for large cities.

When used in cities it saves them money, minimizes the emission of carbon dioxide and does not even require any costs in its maintenance – especially when used in streets. It may not also need any maintenance for up to ten years.

LED technology is not only beneficial for street lighting; they are versatile in their use and can be used in various lighting applications. They can be used in gas stations, alleys and parking lots with just no maintenance costs.

So, the use of LED lighting is really a great way of contributing to environmental sustainability.

Zero Emissions Way of Travelling

About 30% of greenhouse emissions in the U.S come from transportation. The transportation sector also accounts for 70% of the country’s use of fuel. Despite the unpredictability of fuels, its use in most countries is still on the rise.

One major disadvantage in the use of fuels aside the fact it is unpredictable, is that it is non-renewable. With its continuous damage on the ecosystem, the uneasiness in the Middle East, as well as the consequences of oil spills to the economy of coastal residents; the days of using fossil fuels as the driver of our transport sector is numbered.

Considering such deterioration in the use of fuels, we can only take heart from the rise in the development of electrically powered transportation alternatives. These electric powered alternatives are not just economical to the pocket, their energy is renewable. This makes them the perfect alternative to environmental enthusiasts, and to our use of fuels.

And so, we have seen the rise in the manufacture of electric bikes, bicycles, scooters and even cars – though still a bit expensive. Generally, the electric bicycles seem to fit into most people’s needs, especially with its option to use power or pedal.


By being able to choose how much power to exert, and the ease of commuting from one part of the city to another, electric power technologies are great alternatives to fuels.

The increase in their use for transport, will ensure that every one of us contribute in generating renewable energy.