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The Summer Will Be Hectic in Quebec


MONTREAL – Severe thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and heat waves. Quebecers could see all the colors this summer, according to meteorologists.

Employees Weather predict that the Quebec sky know many variations, like the last week of May.

“The heat in the west will soon appear in the province, bringing with them more violent storms than usual, accompanied by falling hailstones,” said Bertin Ossonon, meteorologist for The Weather Network.

There will also be an alert regarding the possible development of tornadoes. Quebec is the scene of a half-dozen cyclones a year and already two of them made their appearance in May.

These are the breaks between the hot and cold temperatures, which are the cause of these violent spasms of Mother Nature, explained Ossonon.

Since periods of hot weather will become more frequent, it will also provide more heat alerts in the greater metropolitan area.

“These warm air pollution will be combined for the creation of smog in Montreal,” said the meteorologist.

Cans and Containers’ Prices Will Increase


In Montreal, the set of cans of beer and soft drink containers and plastic and glass will increase from five cents to 10 cents, announced Sunday by the Environment, Minister Pierre Arcand and agency officials RECYC- QUEBEC. For 30 years, the price had not increased logging.

This increase is intended to encourage people to recycle more, the minister said.

“Our goal is to ensure we maintain the best environmental performance possible,” said Arcand. “By updating the deposit system, we will improve the recovery rate of containers.”

According to Pierre Arcand, Sweden, Australia, California and New York, have already applied this method.

Positive feedback traders

The Association of merchants, grocers and convenience stores in Quebec welcomed the government’s decision.

“In addition to benefiting the people of Quebec, this ad will ensure adequate funding for our members,” said president of the AMDEQ, Yves Servais, who added that “the all shops offering on their shelves returnable containers, such as pharmacies, should participate in the recovery effort. Not only merchants, convenience stores and grocers. ”

The brewer Molson Coors Canada has also responded positively.

“The announcement of a possible increase in the value of the deposit of $0.05 to $0.10 can only have a positive effect on the rate of return and recovery of containers which it is applied,” said Marie-Helene Lagace, spokesman for Molson Coors, in a statement.

The association of soft drink bottlers in Quebec (AEBGQ) recommends that more options are considered before adding additional costs to consumers of beverages.

“This unexpected announcement is not in the best interest of consumers, industry or environment and is contrary to the Policy on Waste Management Quebec unveiled last year,” said said Marc Coulombe, president of the AEBGQ, in a statement Sunday.

The AEBGQ asked the government set up a consultation process with all key players in the system to clearly identify the issues, share the facts and weigh the financial obligations.

“This consultation should also analyze the other alternatives, increasing the rate of deposit, to ensure that Quebecers can count on a deposit system that is efficient and effective.”

Quebec City is on the Alert


QUEBEC CITY – After the Dutch elm disease, another epidemic threat, this time, the ash, which comprises 14% of trees in the city of Quebec.

EAB, located in Montreal last year, could be at the gates of Quebec.

The 13,200 ash trees in the city of Quebec are not yet affected, but to ensure this, the municipality has installed 40 traps located throughout the territory of the capital. They are made of an adhesive material that attracts and traps insects to take inventory.

The emerald comes from Asia and was introduced to North America around 2002, probably by pallets used in transport. The larvae bore into the wood and thus prevent the sap to flow, causing the death of the tree.

For 10 years, only in south-western Ontario, EAB has killed hundreds of thousands of ash trees. “This is a pest much more important because it usually brings the death of all ash trees wherever he goes. So far, all the cities that have discovered EAB in their territory have lost all their ash trees,” said Marie-Josée Coupal, an environmental advisor to the City of Quebec.

If the presence of the emerald is confirmed in Quebec, a ministerial order from the Federal Government shall establish measures in order to control the inputs and outputs of this wood in the country.

However, citizens can help prevent an infestation by avoiding transporting ash cut into firewood from one location to another.