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Whaling Commission Approves Hunting Quota to the U.S., Russia and San Vicente


The International Whaling Commission (IWC) today approved the renewal fee hunting whales for aboriginal subsistence for the U.S., Russia and the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, after winning majority support of the countries present at the second full day in Panama City.

The CBI was forced for a second day to take the issue to a vote, because Latin America opposed, including in the joint proposal to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for its history of noncompliance with the requirements demanded by the organization itself.

However, the initiative promoted by the United States received the backing of 48 of the 61 countries present, including representatives of the so-called Group of Buenos Aires, including Mexico and Panama.

The proposal was rejected by 10 countries, two abstained and one voted no.

Representations of Argentina, Ecuador, Peru , Uruguay, Costa Rica and Colombia , after the vote, expressed their willingness to cooperate with authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to overcome the objections raised by various sectors, including the scientific committee of the IWC.

Reportedly, the Caribbean country has given this committee a report on the number of whales taken or impacted, nor on the methods used to catch them.

Meanwhile, the World Society for the Protection of Animals said in a statement that St. Vincent and the Grenadines did not provide information that justifies being granted quota for whaling for aboriginal subsistence.

“It also incurred in the capture of whales with young mothers, violation of rules and welfare of these animals,” explained the document signed by the director of the Company, Marcela Vargas.


Spring Arrives in Moscow with Summer Temperatures

Moscow, Russia – Spring has arrived in Moscow worthy of summer temperatures. The thermometers in the Russian capital today marked 28.6 degrees Celsius, a historic high in more than 130 years of weather observations. 

“Despite the rain and the storm we had, mercury thermometers has continued to rise,” said a spokesman for the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, quoted by local agencies. At 16.00 local time on April 29, the temperature reached 28.6 degrees Celsius, 3.2 degrees higher than the previous historic high, dating from 2009. 

Also, it was the hottest day in Moscow since the kept weather records, as the earlier mark was 28 degrees Celsius, which was observed on April 24, 1950. However, forecasts show that the temperature in the Russian capital will not exceed 16 degrees.

Russian Scientists Predict Global Cooling at the End of Century

Moscow, Russia – Russian scientists say that the cycles of waxing and waning of ice in the Arctic that shows continued global warming is a myth. They also said that current climate cycles will follow a period of global cooling in the planet by the end of this century. 

Recent studies have observed alternating cycles of growth and decline in Arctic ice mass, said in Novosibirsk by Nikolay Dobretsov. Dobretsov is the academic and scientific chairman of the science council of the Russian Science  Academy. 

“The minimum mass of ice was recorded in 2007. It seems that in 2012, the ice has grown back. Arctic winters are colder. Therefore it is obvious that continued global warming is a myth,” said Dobretsov at a press conference, quoted by Interfax. Studies of the Russian scientists show that the mass of ice rises and falls cyclically, so the heating phase is followed by further cooling. 

“Global cooling, not warming, are the latest forecasts,” said the Russian scholar. Dobretsov stressed that in order to clarify the provisions, it is necessary to develop a complex network of observing stations in the Arctic region. “The Arctic is not only the ‘climate kitchen’, but the most sensitive. Most will suffer either cooling or global warming,” he said.