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Valencia Spends Twice as Madrid or Barcelona in Street Lighting


Valencia is considered one of the most enlightened cities in the world. For the more religious, it can be interpreted as a sign from God. But, the 300 experts in health and environment meeting in the city of Valencia, speak of light pollution.

Each resident of Valencia consumes 137 kilowatts/hour per year. For those who do make do with the energy units, this amount is double the spending of Madrid or Barcelona.

However, the data may get worse. Experts of the Spanish Astronomical Society claim that the light consumed by Valencia is four times the statistics of the German or Dutch.

“Artificial street lighting should be designed to provide us with a safe walking the streets, but not to turn night into day,” explained Jaime Zamorano, expert from the University Complutense of Madrid .

“A decoupling does not make much sense.” In addition to pollution and energy waste, astronomers refer to the economic cost to the government. As the population grows at a faster rate below 1% annually, the area illuminated at night that makes it to 5%.

The Government Sent Reinforcements to Combat Air and Ground Fires in Valencia


The government has sent reinforcements to combat air and ground fires that are still active in the Valencian town of Cortes de Pallas and Andilla.

According to Europa Press, reported sources of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment , are already operating in  four planes, two helicopters, and two forest fire brigades made ​​up of 17 people.

Cortes de Pallas have moved four planes and two brigades of reinforcement from forest fires, each composed by 34 people.

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Miguel Arias Cañete, is awaiting the evolution of fire and has made ​​available to state allocations for extinguishing fires, as indicated by the same sources.

Following the request of Valencia, are mobilizing an amphibious aircraft that will leave the air base in Torrejon de Ardoz in Madrid, which is a brigade consisting of 17 people and two helicopters.