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The Rising Cost of Fire Fighting

In recent years, we have seen wild fires raze down hundreds of homes and consequently the budget for fire fighting has become so high. The cost for firefighting alone has come as close to half of the US Forest Service budget. At this point one begins to wonder if anything can be done to either curb either the rising costs of firefighting, or the fire itself.

To further buttress this, the FLAME, i.e. the acronym for Federal Land Assistance and Management Act, having created accounts separated for fund wild fires; means that more money will be going into the fighting of fires.

The challenge is this, less than 20% of privately owned land located beside a public forest has a home on it, across the West. Considering the cost of protecting these homes from fire every year, you now wonder what happens to the Forest Service budget when up to 50% of those lands were developed.

Montana fire (1)

The communities residing in these fire prone areas have since adopted protection activities that involve clearing some defensible space in the case of a fire outbreak. There has also been an increase in the use of building materials that are fire-resistant in setting up homes.

However, we still hear news of homes being burnt down even after implementing ‘Fire wise’ protection activities. This means that the cost of fighting fires will likely continue to escalate.

So in order to stem this tide, maybe the government may need to formulate policies that affect housing in fire prone areas, or develop better ways of preventing fires in these areas.

Firefighters Are Working to Control the Wildfire in Cabacés


Tarragona – A quarantine provisions of the Fire of the Government working on Friday to control wildfire in Cabacés (Tarragona), which is under control from late Thursday.

As reported by firefighters at night, they have reviewed hot spots inside the perimeter of the fire which is about 120 acres, and the Friday morning, there was about 40 and 5/2 ground crews working in the air.

The Government will continue to watch for changing weather conditions, given the conditions prevailing in the area of ​​high temperature, low relative humidity and wind, to prevent the fire to rekindle.

The T-702 road in Morera de Montsant, and the two tracks that come together in this, the T-710 in Vilella Baixa and the T-713 in Falset , still cut by fire.

The Civil Protection Department remains active alert phase InfoCat plan against fire.